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$119 for a 30 Minute Electrical Repair in this area - BBB Accredited Electrician for 91914.


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BBB Accredited Business doing Electrical work in 91914

  Electrician for 91914

Start With Trust - Better Business Bureau®
For the most reliable results...
Work with a BBB Accredited Electrician!

Caution - Electrical Work in 91914                    Electrical Service Truck for works in 91914

"Our mission in life and in our business is quite simple...
 Treat customers the way we would like to be treated."

Thanks - Robert, Mat, Ben, Robert & Our Crew

We can, and do, electrical service in 91914 - But, because we have to charge for travel time,
it is not always cost effective for us to do smaller
jobs in 91914 - such as a single outlet or a
 switch not working.  
For these smaller jobs please use the Better Business Bureau’s®
 website to find a BBB Accredited Electrician for your area of 91914.
  We provide a search box below.

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We hope to see you soon! Thanks, Robert & Crew

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National Fire Protection Association Member Servicing 91914                          Scroll Down Here for more information on electric services in 91914

Let us show you just how good we are!

Our service rates for electrical works done in 91914 are
 $119 for the first 30 minutes (Including Travel Time) and
$54 for each half hour thereafter plus any parts that may be needed.


Important Billing Note:  The cost of an electrician - due to traffic issues and employee costs - we must charge for travel time to the 91914 area. Several quicker jobs have been $119 - but the average billing for smaller jobs in this area is about $173 for time and about $24 in materials.

 - That's an average of $197 for smaller jobs in the 91914 area. Due to travel distance and time costs, we might not be the most cost effective for these smaller jobs compared with a BBB Accredited Electrician that may be closer to you. - Please be aware of this. - But we are very good at what we do and are happy to help!

  - Thank You, Signed, The Crews from Roberts Electric Service, Inc.


Electrician 91914

- Your Metro San Diego Electricians -
Call your local experts for all your electrical needs!

$89 for a Quick 30 Minute Electrical Repair in some areas of Metro San Diego*

*Call for Details and Areas Serviced. Thanks!

Need Help - Just Call Us Now!


Go to our SERVICE AREA PAGE for more information.

Caution - Electrical Work in 91914                    Electrical Service Truck for works in 91914

We do honest, safe and expertly correct electrical work for our
customers, watching out for them and their safety.


Our customer care center email is:


SEARCH - BBB Accredited Electrician in 91914.


Only search Better Business Bureau® website.





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 Work with a BBB Accredited Electrician for the most reliable results!

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