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We had a dimmer fail in our dining room. Dimmers being what they are can be tricky for the uninitiated of whom I consider myself. The dimmer turned out to be a unit that needed a special order etc etc.... Ben Day was the electrician on the job and we could not be h...         See full review here. Posted on 01/05/2015 by Micheal M.


The most common electrician service call series:

GFCI� stands for ground fault circuit interrupter, and these devices protect against electric shock. One of the most common service calls to an electrician begins when someone plugs something in and the power goes out... Find out more information in our article (provided by us as a courtesy to the BBB of San Diego, Orange and Imperial Counties at the Council of Better Business Bureaus) at this link on web.archive.org: http://web.archive.org/web/20170613175130/http://www.bbb.org/sdoc/news-events/news-releases/2014/07/guest-blog-diy-electrical-tips/


Notice Regarding "Inspection Report" Requests

If you are a Home Buyer or an Agent/Broker for a Buyer or a Seller, due to the high volume of requests we cannot provide estimates in reference to an inspection report. Nor can we provide an "electrical inspection" per a Home Inspector's notes in an inspection report.

If you are a Seller needing to make corrections as a condition of sale, we can perform this service on a time plus materials basis, and you can call us to discuss our rates. Thank you for your interest.


Notice Regarding Requests for "Estimates"

  Thank you for your interest in having our company provide an estimate.

IMPORTANT: Estimates are for new work only and do not include troubleshooting an electrical problem to give a cost. They only involve providing a single price to perform what is specifically requested to be done, and do not involve any contact with third parties or further research. Quotes, scopes of works or job specifications (break downs) are classified as engineering requiring special knowledge and must be charged for appropriately based on time and expertise required. 

 Call us at 619-757-7500 to see which situation applies to your project.


Sponsoring San Diego Sports!

The San Diego Armada Rugby Football Club is a purposely-inclusive and diverse non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the sport of competitive rugby within San Diego and the Southern California region. They provide a safe and supportive environment where novice level players can learn the game or improve their skills alongside more experienced players. Roberts Electric Service is proud to sponsor the San Diego Armada, and we look forward to supporting them to even greater success this season and many to come.

Important Consumer News:

The broadly used term consultant as it relates to building and construction work is more clearly defined.

City of San Diego Approved Electrical Contractor - SLBE/ELBE No. 11RE0235

NAICS Industry 238210 & U.S. Department of Commerce - 2007 NAICS Definition 238210 FPDS-NG

International Association of Electrical Inspectors - Associate Member No. 7070020

NFPA Member No. 2496550

Residential Electrical System Aging Research Project - Full Report - 71 pages - [Click Here]

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IMPORTANT VIDEO INFORMATION - Could save you $1,600 for a tripped breaker!

Check The License First Site - and  - San Diego Undercover Sting Operations by CSLB on Video


This YouTube Video is - GREAT - and - HILARIOUS - too! - [click picture above to view]

How to Report Unlicensed Contracting Activity to the State License Board

Home Improvement Scams: Unlicensed Contractors - Money Talks Video on YouTube

Roberts Electric on Zillow

DIY Electrical Repairs in San Diego -  www.SanDiegoElectricalRepairs.com for more information.

We are now servicing customers of ChooseHotTubsDirect at www.choosehottubsdirect.com
Hot Tubs and Spas Info Center > Technical Guide > Electrical

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 Roberts Electric Service, Inc.

 C10 Electricians & Electrical Contractors 857129 and 756078

Phone 619-757-7500 / (619) 757-7500 and Fax 619-757-7505 / (619) 757-7505

Email : Service@RobertsElectricService.com

Principals are Robert May, Robert Donovan, Mat Wahlstrom and Ben Day.

Primary Operating Area is The Greater Downtown San Diego Area - We Love What We Do!

We were previously known as Robert's Electric Service before incorporation.

We are Proud Members of the following:

NFPA - The National Fire Protection Association

Member of the ENERGY STAR Small Business Network - ENERGY STAR

GSDBA - The Greater San Diego Business Association & The GLBT Community

Member of the Asian Business Association - Asian Business Association Home Page

More info...

The Old House Fair - South Park - Great information & help on old & historic homes

zoominfo Company  -  zoominfo Robert May - eLocalElectricians

Proud Supporters of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC)

A Corporate Sponsor for The Diversionary Theatre

Joe the Homeowner's ad space and DoneRight.Pro

Networking - Linked-in for Robert Walker~May

In the San Diego Reader - The Hillcrest Business Improvement Association has been forced to rescind?

In the San Diego Reader Magazine - Tax and spend on salaries and council campaigns.

LGBT Weekly Newspaper - Mat Wahlstrom... Roberts Electric... seat on the board...?

LGBT Weekly - 14 years good standing... Roberts Electric ...hundreds of customers in Hillcrest.

LGBT Weekly Newspaper - Businesses question HBA bid process ... Mat Wahlstrom talks.

Uptown News - Mat Wahlstrom - owner of Roberts Electric Services, Inc.

Uptown News - Mayor Kevin Faulconer arrived... Mat Wahlstrom says...

City of San Diego - Uptown Community Plan DRAFT JUNE 2015 with Mat Wahlstrom


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We have developed our own website in-house and hope it is helpful to you.  If you have any comments or
suggestions please email me directly. Thanks for taking the time to visit and I hope you enjoy our services.


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We Support and Respect:

US Military Service Members - past and present - Thank You!  Fellow Veteran Owned Businesses   

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   Jackson & Foster Heating & Air Conditioning 619-667-4328

For Home or Office Audio/Video/Theater Equipment - Get EXCELLENT SERVICE From:

We proudly recommend Robert Kolkey, founder and president of Sound Company.

Call them for a visit to their excellent showrooms in the Sports Arena Area!

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Houzz Remodeling and Home Design

Electricians for everything electrical in homes and businesses, old and new!

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